The Most Comfortable Mask You’ve Ever Worn

The Most Comfortable Mask You’ve Ever Worn
We’ve developed a masks perfect for an active lifestyle. Breathable, comfortable, and designed for safety. Whether you’re working out or just out and about, you will love these masks.

Designed for Breathability

 The Variant mask is designed to protect without sacrificing comfort and breathability. We’ve engineered the double-layered VL-M2 mask to be breathable and also shaped it away from the face for optimal comfort.

"The most comfortable mask I've ever owned" – XPRIZE FOUNDATION – FOUNDER: PETER DIAMANDIS

Soft & Comfortable

 Variant masks are knit with ends of soft polyester recycled from water bottles. A softness comparable to organic natural fibers like cotton and rayon. Soft tubular-knit ear-straps provide all-day comfort unlike the common mask.

Our knit masks stretch with elasticity, meaning they fit comfortably and return to their original form after wear and washing.


Safety First

Variant multi-wear masks were designed to maintain their structural integrity. Fabrics which withstand machine washing and drying. The premium comfort, breathability, and protectiveness are left intact with each wash.

Our masks have been tested internally to ensure that they pass standard airflow and fog tests. The adjustable nose bridge wire and elastic contoured edges create a tight breathing seal around the face.

Heat & Moisture Wicking

 Knit with REPREVE®, a 100% US sourced yarn made recycled from water bottles, the masks wick moisture from the face to regulate heat and provide comfort. This feature makes our masks perfect for all-day wear, outdoor activities, or exercise.